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This attribute is optional. This attribute is mandatory. This is a response attribute, and should not be filled in by the client. The interface identifier defines the language for system generated messages.

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Possible strategies but definitely not a comprehensive list include: o If the MSRP switch is writing data to a send buffer and detects that the send buffer associated to that TCP connection is getting full e.

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ing a Chat Room. Without obtaining an adequate from the person s controlling the copyright in such materials, this document may not be modified outside the IETF Standards Process, and derivative works of it may not be created outside the IETF Standards Process, except to format it for publication as an RFC or to translate it into languages other than English.

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This attribute is optional. While this document does not mandate a particular MSRP-specific mechanism to avoid congestion in any of the paths, something that is deemed outside the scope of this document, this document provides some recommendations for implementors to consider. ing a chat room. Note that other mechanisms may exist for example, a web reservation systemalthough they are outside the scope of this document.

Conference-aware participants will detect that the peer is a focus due to the presence of the "isfocus" feature tag [ RFC ] in the Contact header field of the class response to the INVITE request. This information allows the MSRP switch, e. Private Messages This section describes the conventions used cat send and receive private instant messages, i.

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Extensions to this specification may improve handling of unknown media types. It is the responsibility of an entity handling the media to relay instant messages received from one participant to the rest of the participants in the conference.

Congestion Avoidance Congestion can occur when multiple heterogeneous interfaces are used by a diversity of users who are participating in a chat room, and, in particular, when paths become overloaded by any application. Multi-party chat: an instance of a tightly coupled conference, in which the media exchanged between the participants consist of MSRP based instant messages. However, the interface between the focus and the MSRP switch is outside the scope of this document.

It is used for easy reference of participants in the chat room, and can also provide anonymous participants with a meaningful descriptive name. To allow interoperable chat implementations, for both conference- aware, and conference-unaware user agents, certain conventions for MSRP chat rooms need to be defined. In another scenario, the policy of a chat room may indicate that certain functions are aa allowed. Chunk reception timer: The value of a time that controls the maximum time that the MSRP switch is waiting for the reception of different chunks belonging to the same message.

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Conference Event Package: a notification mechanism that allows conference participants to learn conference information including roster and state changes in a conference. Setting up a nickname.

Nicknames may be long lived, or may be temporary. Then the token is reversed in order to avoid clashes of tokens.

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For example, participants can learn about other participants' identifiers, including their nicknames. If the policy of the chat room allows the usage of nicknames, any new nickname requested Fhat be prepared and compared with nicknames already in use or reserved following the rules defined in Preparation and Comparison of Nicknames [ I-D.

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Sending a regular message to the chat room. This is a response attribute, and should not be filled in by the client.

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If the To header field is set to the chat room URI, it should render it as a regular message that has been distributed to all the participants in the chat room. It is associated with a URI of which the participant is known to the focus. When a chat room participant wishes to send a private instant message to a participant in the chat room, it follows the same procedures for creating a SEND request as for regular messages Section 6. An anonymous URI must be valid for the length of the chat room session and will be utilized by the MSRP switch to forward messages to and from anonymous participants.

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It also includes the 'chatroom' attribute with the allowed extensions. Nicknames: Whether the chat room accepts users to be recognized with a nickname. It also seems beneficial to provide a set of features that enhance the baseline multi-party MSRP in order to be able to create systems that have functionality on par with existing chat systems, as well as enable building interworking gateways to these existing chat systems. The 'chatroom' attribute merely indicates the capabilities supported and allowed by the local policy.

Several such systems already exist in the Internet.

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Sending a private message to a participant. This is illustrated in Figure 1. Removing a Nickname If the participant no longer wants to be known by a nickname in the chat room, the participant can follow the method described in Section 7.

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In this type of extensions, care must be taken in the selection of the token to avoid a clash with any of the tokens ly defined. See Section 6.

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The reservation of a nickname can fail in several cases. The Use-Nickname header field carries a nickname string. Sender: the chat room participant who originally created an instant message and sent it to the chat room server for further delivery. However, Niemi, et al. Using Nicknames within a Chat Room This memo provides a mechanism to reserve a nickname for a participant for as long as the participant is logged into the chat room.