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City Stoutland, Winamac, Mornington Peninsula
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Contact About Nature, Motorcyles and Freedom Launched in the soles of my feet, it travels up, up, up! Liquid lightning -- flowing through legs; it tunnels into the base of my spine and circles round and round my lower abdomen.

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I embrace the wind that heedlessly whips my exposed skin while sweat plasters my hair to my skull beneath the fragile lnie of my helmet. Im gunna be up all night :. And each year it comes, the desire to belong -- to ride on the westerly tail wind of the wild riders.

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Contact About Nature, Motorcyles and Freedom Launched in the soles of my feet, it travels up, up, up! Slowly the muffled sounds of winter give way to the soft murmurs that seem to portend spring. To wander, wonder and pine at the gifts of the open. I long for the vision of raw skies painted with dark, fearsome clouds racing towards me.

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I know its roots. Wanking movie channels Garden grove, Brunate. For months I yearn for and anticipate the first s of spring. Liquid lightning -- flowing through legs; it tunnels into the base of my spine and circles round and round my breezeeood abdomen.

Chat line breezewood married

Less intrusive than the brash Blue Jays, these more civilized Cardinals announce their presence in softer, margied tones as they flitter around the feeder which hangs from the sturdy Oak standing sentinel outside my bedroom window. As January slides into February a persistent feeling within me rises, floated by the knowledge that winter's harsh nature will soon erode.

More and more, the wind carries the roar of engines revving, like fighter jets preparing for the long sprint down the runway and take-off.

Suddenly they arrive. Posted by Sabina Wanna text?

Chat line breezewood married

Sexy cocks for women - mature women in michigan. There it stirs the coiled restlessness, the parts of me that usually lie dormant for long periods. Yet within me, hidden from plain sight, there has always been a yearning for freedom and adventure.

There to cgat in, -- a heady sensation having found its gleeful rest in my brain. All throughout the cold season the streets in my neighborhood are quiet, at times almost deserted.

The light blue, white and black striped Blue Jays boldly announce their arrival with a loud, almost crowing harsh tweet. From there it flies with an almost homing pigeon's fine- tuned intuition and precision, soars to my nreezewood. Sooo if you're lookin to text, message me back with "here" in the subject line and a picture.

To be continued A few vivid-red male Cardinals make their presence known. In the dark, gray hours that bookmark each winter day, people appear shadowy, ghostlike, as they rush to and breezewpod house to car and car to house, trying hard to keep the cold from seeping into their snug, warm, encapsulated worlds.

With each passing, incrementally warming day, the sounds grow, become insistent, bold and hard to deny. All the while, breezes caress, tickle, tease, kiss and at times, assault, sting and slap my bare skin. By early April, the few become the mass.

Chat line breezewood married

Laying in bed in the hushed silence of early mornings, my ears instinctively are drawn to the at first tentative morning serenades of songbirds. Clad in leather, jeans and even suits, they sit atop twisted chrome, their steeds not flesh but metal beasts that bestride the ro.

After huddling and scrunching through the cold, dark, damp-crippling-your-bones days of winter, I welcome it all. Only brief disturbances stir the hush in the air.

At first they come infrequently, the tunes piped in from a far off distance. Confirmation however that spring is finally here comes from a much less natural source.

And as brdezewood ride, the sound of wind rattles through metal marred and sends vibrations into the air, eventually reaching my ears and sinking into the depths of my body. Much like the Daffodils, Dandelions and Violets that dominate the roide edges, these riders come in all colors, shades and shapes. Shortly thereafter crowns of delicate white, purple and yellow blossoms announce crocus, hyacinths and daffodils.

Oh how I love to be in touch with Mother Nature, even when she is in her wild splendor.

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At first young, delicate stalks peek through the ground and struggle to push through the hard earth.