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Do you feel safe in the chatrooms? Updated 28 July Are you safe?

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I know what the dangers are and have met some funny characters while online but the best you can do is to ignore them and leave the chat. I never go into chatrooms because most of them are not moderated and most of the people on them are weirdoes asking if you have a boyfriend, or 'do you wanna cyber? Follow the rules you have been given and you should be safe.

Luckily, Ellie and Magda follow her and see her meet him There is no need to register or create a membership to chat. Becky, 14, Rochdale I think that most chatrooms are safe - I only go on Newsround ones though.

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Helier, Jersey The only messageboard that I ever go to is Newsround's. If I ever go onto a normal chatroom I never give out any cbat information about myself because once I had trouble with a man who seemed to know everything about me and my friends! Do you ever give out personal information? Graham, 13 People have aadult asked to meet me while I've been on a chatroom, but I just ignore them and log off.

What more can be done to protect children online? I only go on chatrooms I know are safe. Katie, 15, N Ireland I adlut that it's fine to go into chatrooms, just as long as you don't get too involved with the one person. Tabitha, 13, Soham I don't use chat rooms because you don't know who you're talking to.

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Amber, 14, West Sussex The internet can be dangerous but if you don't give out any personal details then it can be a great place to have fun. Free Chat Now's chat room selection is separated by sexuality and interest. You don't have to go and meet up with them. Abi, 12, Edinburgh It's safe for adulr, the only roomw room I go on is the boards on Newsround! Eventually, I changed my address, I don't always feel safe. And you can call them through a special button if you feel unsafe or scared of somebody.

Are you safe?

Chat rooms bristol adult

Emily, 14, Midlands I think that they should try and make it safer to use. There are no options to pay because it is totally free. I think they should be banned. Sarah, 13, Oxfordshire I am very careful when I go on the internet.

Chat bristol

Remember that you are only there for a laugh bgistol it should stay a laugh, but just on the internet. Katie, 11, St. Rachel, 14, Essex I don't use chatrooms very often, but I have never had a problem. Francessca, 14, North Yorkshire I did use a chatroom but then I stared to get a bit suspicious so I stopped.

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Vicki, 11, Glasgow I've been using an internet chatroom for a couple of months now. I definitely feel safe on those! Annabella, 13, Maidenhead I never go on chatrooms because I'm worried about dodgy people, only fan site chatrooms. Emma, 13, Kent I tink dat chatroom are good because its a way 2 talk 2 people and work on your social skills Hannah, 13, London I don't go on chatrooms and have only been on once when my friend decided she wanted to show me the one she uses.

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Once someone asked for my address but I just ignored 'em - that's what u should do Elizabeth, 9, Essex I would never go on a chat room now after all the stories I've heard about them. This one is also better because there's roos ppl under I know never to give out personal details to anyone I don't know.

Chat rooms bristol adult

Maybe there should be monitors in the rooms, in case a young child goes on, and someone starts acting suspiciously. Have you met someone - only to find out they're not who they say they are? Jackie, 14, Perth I think chatroomz are completely safe!!!! Hayley, 14, St Helen's I think the internet is safe. However I don't agree that they should be banned because if you're careful you're safe. They really only become dangerous if you start giving out your personal details, you just have to be careful.

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Hannah, 12, Milton Keynes I use the internet safely. If I feel uncomfortable at anytime I know to get off and tell an adult I trust. More Info.

Chat rooms bristol adult

I just make sure I don't give away my personal details and if someone annoys me, I leave straightaway. Do you feel safe roomz the chatrooms?

Chat rooms bristol adult

Rhian, 12, Ireland I don't use chat rooms very often and when I have I have found that teen sites have not just got teens on them. Zoe, 13, Plymouth Instant messenger is great because you can only talk to people you know, so I go on that!

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Search for sexchatroom: Instant messaging is one of the primary forms of online communication that is simple and easy to use. Don't give out any personal information. You can meet different interesting people from all over the world and so chatrooms can be very fun.