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History[ edit ] The show has emanated from Washington, D. Voice actress Kat Cressida lends her voice to commercial bumpers for the series and has since its premiere. From the premiere of PTI until September 5,Tony Reali served as the show's statistician earning him the nickname "Stat Boy" and eventually became a de facto co-host. Eastern Time.

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Also, the hosts can briefly go over the time limit in order to make a final point about any particular topic. Finally, on March 27,Kornheiser for the first time hosted the show away from the studio while Wilbon remained back at the set, as Kornheiser was in OrlandoFloridacovering the NFL owners meetings.

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Philippine Standard Time. On the April 6,edition of PTI, the same day that the upcoming NFL season's schedule was released, Kornheiser gave a humorous insight into how he felt about his upcoming travel schedule, sarcastically commenting about how there weren't any East Coast games on the schedule. At the end of the show Tony Reali ripped the show in a 1-minute rant.

It was introduced on February 28, after the hosts began repeating the words "fair or foul" for a few episodes because of a viewer including them earlier in the week. The segment and show ends with Kornheiser saying, "We're out of time, we'll try to do better the next ausgralia and Wilbon saying "Same time tomorrow, knucklehe.

Chat topics with girls in australia

Central Time. During the s, however, Australian states began liberalising gjrls licensing laws. Early in PTI's run, an intern named Josh read the mail to the hosts.

Chat topics with girls in australia

These featured segments often end with a pop culture topic. The podcast is usually made available two to three hours after its original telecast on ESPN. Oddsmakers, Toss Up, etc.

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There have also been occasions where Kornheiser or Wilbon, while on vacation or in another city to cover an event and not hosting the show, have been the subject of "Five Good Minutes" themselves. Guests almost always appear from a separate austrxlia, usually the site of an upcoming game or their home city, appearing with chzt hosts via split screen. From the premiere of PTI until September 5,Tony Reali served as the show's statistician earning him the nickname "Stat Boy" and eventually became a de facto co-host.

The hosts dressed up as doctors for this segment, using coats and assorted accessories. The hosts discuss a variety of topics and decide if each is chag or foul acceptable or not. According to Kornheiser, he first waved the flag and said "Goodnight, Canada" after an associate director told him that the additional PTI segment on Sportscenter did not air in Canada.

The discussion

After Kornheiser's departure from Monday Night Football after the season[51] PTI reverted to its normal format for the football season after the first week of Monday Night Football. Wilbon refers to his as "A real man's board!

Chat topics with girls in australia

In the months leading up to the NFL season, Kornheiser would often offer self-deprecating comments on the PTI show, saying that he'd be horrible for the MNF job or that he wished that certain people that are topics on the show would ride the bus with him to the game, as he has an admitted fear of flying. Post an entrance for RP participation, or just say "Tal!

Chat topics with girls in australia

During the course of this segment, Wilbon and Kornheiser will alternate topic introductions up for debate. Pub rock is a style topis Australian rock and roll popular throughout the s and s, and still influencing contemporary Australian music in the s decade. Both hosts are avid fans of tennisgolfand boxing and discuss events in those sports frequently.

If time allows, Reali nicknamed "Stat Boy" corrects any factual errors that Kornheiser and Wilbon may have made. After a picture is used, it is usually stuck somewhere in the background of the set until it is replaced. That's the list!

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Segment 4: Happy Time, et al. Kornheiser wears a turban, in the style of Carnac the Magnificentwhile Wilbon does not dress up at all.

Chat topics with girls in australia

Segment 3 various [ edit ] After "Five Good Minutes," or after extended "Headlines" if there is no guest, PTI uses a variety of different segments to talk about other sports news and make predictions. This may be the case if the guest is an athlete or coach in Washington to play a game that night, such as when Denver Nuggets guard Chauncey Billups appeared on February 6, prior to a game against the Washington Wizards.

On the last show before Thanksgiving, the third segment is usually reserved for the hosts to reveal their choices for Turkeys of the Year, usually people during the last year that have usually done notably stupid acts un-befitting of sport funny or unfunny.

Kornheiser and Wilbon usually have variations in their lists, with Wilbon posting his as each team is introduced. The set is decorated with candles and a plasma lamp for Psychic Hotline, the latter of which wuth host will touch to hear the question in the form of a pre-recorded phone call.

Image of p to illustrate menstruation, or, periods.

After both hosts gave their answers, Reali, through uncertain logic, determined who topcs correct. On July 28,a segment called "What's the Word" was introduced. Reali gives the topics and keeps track of responses on a chalkboardto which he refers at the end of the segment in order to declare a winner. On very rare occasions, the second segment will be a bonus "game segment" i.

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Commercial bumpers[ edit ] Beginning September 2, and for all shows except for those taped at the site of a Monday Night Football game, inserts of Kornheiser and Wilbon's discussion air for 15—20 seconds as bumpers between the commercial breaks of the show. It consists of Reali reading a partial sentence and the hosts using an adjective to fill the blank s in the sentence.

Tony acknowledged this frequently at the end of the show, often ing off while waving a Canadian flag Since April 17,ESPN has also offered a free audio podcast which cuts out commercials and includes all segments.