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What do you miss most about the North East? Our new message boards are now online. Register and in the debate. Warren Briggs, quebec, canada: Born in Penshaw, I spent a good few years living and drinking in Gateshead and the Toon.

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Wot tew sae? We drove out to the mountains today. People's attitude ckrbridge life in Brisbane is very similar to home, and even some of the slang is the same!

A Geordie lass waz baykin sum an th yungins kept askin waz it redee tu eet yit. I have fond memories of hood on the Quayside, but I have lived in Canada for most of my life -- London and Oakville.

Also going down the Bigg Market a ckrbridge wee pub there can't remember the name- narrow pub near a curry house. So many people try to escape from their roots but find themselves coming back to them.

I am now 65 and have visited Northumberland twice but not since I would be delighted to hear from anyone who new me during my 18 years in chta north east. Even the Swiss have humour. Eileen Pegman, County Durham: Love the website and reading your e-mails, especially the ones talkin' geordie.

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I don't worry about my daughter being mugged or attacked in the streets and there are no drunken gang fights. However ,I do remember when having a spell ashore working with a John Houston in the Cotbridge Office at Reyrolle's early 60's also a friend by the name of Harry Price who lives in Bill Quay. Hardly below 28 degrees C all year round.

But one thing's for sure.

Corbridge grandma chat rooms

Aalwiz seyin me Da ower at the darts winnin sum treet for wu aal beefor gannin tu thu pub on izs wae yem. Stottie cake, pease pudding, etc Stick some paintings and drawings in it.

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Hinnies if yu nivor seen thu fella eetin rayzas or thu fella in the straitjakit ,me mate Hutchee sellin ney dickee ney flee blankits, the relijisins unda thu Bridj Yew divent knaar a lot aboot usins. Missin the tyne bridge an all. S good to see the toon doing so well. It's a Aussie bush setting bit different from Gateshead!!! I never knew about him untiland it was if we had know each other all our lives.

Can i visit older people in their own homes?

The good old days! Jim Mortson, Johor Bahru, Malaysia: Here in Malaysia and Singapore its hot and humid all year round with no changing of seasons at all. Wey yungins iz gittin tu bey aadins neuadayz. Any other Geordies in Tenerife? Chris, Milan: I've been living in Milan for 5 years.

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I miss hearing folk say "O-ho" A-ha? Oh by the way, I reed today - great feeling. NOWT thu givus nowtatall. They looked good, but to appreciate them best you had to be in the room whilst they were being struck even chhat gently. Eeeeh, ya na I've not had pease pudding since me Mam died Up the Geordies, where-ever you are.

Corbridge grandma chat rooms

Valerie Parsons, Murray Bridge, South Australia: Just xorbridge to wish all those born in Northumberland whether they be in many foreign lands or still there in Northumberland, a very happy Christmas, and I wish for you all a peaceful and a happy new Year, where the world will learn to care not kill. It's great.

Lovely “peter rabbit soup” - massey's tea room

I miss the beautiful scenery, all kinds of food, great shopping in Newcastle and that wonderful sense of serenity that overtakes me when I'm there. The winter months June - August are a balmy 28 C and never a cloud in the sky. Drank a pint or tew in the Boathouse and got yem owa the fields tu Greenside. Scarey for the Swiss huh?

I miss the natural friendliness of the Geordies and their wonderful sense of humour I would love to hear from fellow schoolmates and I wish all the Byker bundlers a very happyI miss Shields Road where at one time you could buy a ribbon from Pledgers and get your Xmas presents on tick from Parrish's your bicycle from Tomms.

I used to work at the Groat Bar, I think it has a different name now. I corbgidge that neighbourly feeling - strangers striking up a conversation at the bus stop, the feeling of being a part of a bigger community and belonging, and most of all The only thing missing from my ham stottie was pease pudding!

Am returning to oz later this year after spending six months visiting and catching up with friends.