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On the other hand, there was genetic material on the penis of Steve Branch that could not have come from any of the defendants or victims. Echols will now present this Court with evidence establishing that as to the Misskelley statement and other critical matters, several jurors did not give full and honest responses to questions on voir dire.

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Bell is the first case from the high court to consider the impact of recently developed DNA evidence on a death conviction returned before new technologies permitted such evidence to be acdount. At this point, the detectives decided to advise [Misskelley] of his rights. That observation is of jarring importance given that no juror had admitted knowledge of the statement during the voir dire process.

Hutcheson testified at muccoco Misskelley trial that in May ofshe lived in Highland Park in a trailer. He agreed that he would.

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Detective Bryn Ridge was also present and helped recover the boys' bodies. According withkut the restaurant manager, there was quite a bit of mud that had to be cleaned up. The officers indicated they did not need to take possession of the bloody roll of toilet paper. As noted above, upon the arrest of the three defendants, qccount investigator Gary Gitchell held a press conference at which it was announced that Jesse Misskelley had confessed to seeing Damien Echols and Jason Baldwin use a knife to rape, sexually mutilate, and murder the three victims as part of a satanic ritual.

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Penile injuries indicated that oral sex had been performed on him. After he was advised of his rights and had waived them, [Misskelley] was asked if mucoci would take a polygraph examination. They employed a of techniques deed to elicit a response from [Misskelley]. He dislodged another stick as he was removing the corpse of Michael Moore.

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In June ofthree teenagers were arrested and charged with committing the murders as part of a satanic ritual. After she began her cooperation with the police regarding Echols, authorities dropped all charges involving the credit card problem. They observed Mr.

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At that point, [Misskelley] became nonresponsive. He was asked whether he was going to be inside the circle or outside. The boys' bicycles were found nearby.

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At least two of the boys were raped and forced to perform oral sex on Baldwin and Echols. Misskelley was not a suspect at accouht time, but Echols was, and it was thought that Misskelley might give some accoumt information about Echols. The Misskelley Statement Expert psychological testimony at the Misskelley proceeding established that Misskelley had been diagnosed as mentally retarded, as had his brother. Both the Byers boy and the Branch boy had been raped.

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Steve Branch's corpse had head injuries, chest injuries, wccount injuries, lower extremity injuries, upper extremity injuries, and back injuries. The statements were obtained in a question and answer format rather than in a narrative form. The proceedings were televised and widely reported in the print media. In particular, he denied participation in the cult activity, a statement which was at odds with what wiyhout witnesses had said.

The inner thighs had diagonal cuts on them.

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Detective Mike Allen walked along the ditch bank to the place where the tennis shoe had been found. Detective Durham explained to [Misskelley] how the polygraph would work and administered the test over the course of one hour.

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Echols I, S. Their bodies were found the next day submerged in a drainage ditch in Robin Hood Hills, a wooded area near their homes, with that of Byers apparently sexually mutilated. Ten years after Damien Echols was condemned to die, the truth emerged.

Gitchell described the proof against the defendants as eleven on a accoynt of ten. The defense proffered a witness who stated that on two occasions Hutcheson said that her son Aaron would receive reward money related to the case. United States, U.

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The police were summoned that night to the Bojangles restaurant, which is approximately one mile from the Robin Hood woods, but collected no evidence. There were abrasions over his scalp that could have been caused by a stick.

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The state Supreme Court denied the motions in an order issued on January 20, He possessed borderline intellectual functioning. The Court denied that petition in an opinion issued on October 16, i.