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In this article, we will cover the main reasons you might not be able to send an SMS message, and what you can do to correct this.

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Just to confirm, do you receive this message when sending text to multiple contacts, in different conversations? In this article, we will cover the main reasons you might not be able to send an SMS message, and what you can do to correct this.

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Why Messafe Blocks Happen Being blocked due to spam could be caused by several different reasons, all of which were done by a 3rd party carrier and not VanillaSoft. Repeat this process until the block is lifted.

Youve been blocked message

Is that right? The usual cause is the amount of texts that are sent out within a certain amount of time, or the bloced of the messages that you are sending out also known as 'fingerprinting'.

How to know if someone blocked you on iphone imessage

It is the user's responsibility to keep track if their messages are being sent or not. Were you blocked from sending messages to this contact at any time ly?

Note: You can have your admin disable the SMS feature from your profile but will need to get them to enable it in order to send your test messages. Also, take a look at the steps listed in the following article. If not, try again in the afternoon by sending mmessage text.

Youve been blocked message

To do this, you will need to follow these steps: to your VanillaSoft VoIP portal using your username and password. How long will depend on the carrier, how many times you have been blocked in the past, what caused you to be blocked, etc. Note: If you are blocked due to spam, we are not able youvee change your VoIP until the block has been lifted.


Getting a "Blocked" or "Failed" message when sending SMS: If you try to send an SMS but are getting a message that states "blocked" or "failed", you will need to check to see if you are currently blocked due to spam. Was this article helpful? If this is isolated to this specific contact, have you tried testing the issue in a new conversation thread with your friend?

Are you connected via Wi-Fi or cellular when this occurs? How To Prevent Being Blocked There is no guaranteed way to prevent being blocked, but there are yojve you can take to reduce your chances.

Click yoouve one of the s that you have texted to see the message and status. It is recommended that you disable the SMS feature from your to ensure that you aren't sending any automatic texts when resulting a call.

Youve been blocked message

You could then send yourself 1 text in the morning and see if that goes through. If a carrier flags your as spam, you would be blocked for all carries until the block is lifted. Have you tried restarting your device to see if that helps? The best way to get the block lifted sooner rather than later, is to stop texting completely and give the block time to be lifted.